Jamesville Main Street Visioning Event
"To those who have shaped her past and the youth to whom we entrust her future... may they long maintain pride in her identity..." -Water, Wheels and Stone, 1978

The Jamesville Community Task Force engaged the community in a visioning event to help identify ideas and values most important to our community in regard to our Main Street area including the future of the Old Jamesville Firehouse.

​​The approximate area of interest stretches from Jamesville Elementary School (West) to the Route 173 bridge by the foot of Penn Hill (East) and from Siawassia Street (North) to the Rush Creek bridge (South). 

​Your participation in the Jamesville Main Street Visioning Workshop was very important. The first step of the process was to create a shared vision for our community. By going through the visioning process, a community can:

  • Better understand the values of its citizens and use them as a basis for planning
  • Identify trends and forces that are affecting the community 
  • Articulate a big-picture view to guide short-term decisions and long-term initiatives
  • Develop tools to achieve its vision 
Here's the scoop! The Task Force has organized the visioning process into general categories. Each category represents a group of ideas that are inherently related. The categories are:​​

-Main Street Improvements
-Old Firehouse- Past/Present/Future

Stick 'em Up!​​​​​​​​​​ That's right! After you had a chance to see what Jamesville's glorious past visioning has brought to our community, we invited you to "Stick 'em Up!" You were provided with sticky notes to write your ideas on and post in categories that are critical to the future of Jamesville. 

The order of the day were to visit the past, look ahead, vision for your community, and to have some fun!