Jamesville Main Street Visioning Event
"To those who have shaped her past and the youth to whom we entrust her future... may they long maintain pride in her identity..." -Water, Wheels and Stone, 1978

January 22, 2013

​To: Visioning Event Participants
​From: Jamesville Community Task Force

​Dear Friends,

​Thank you for participating in the Community Visioning Event that was held in July of 2012. Your input has been invaluable to the task force as we have been meeting this year. There were seven categories that you responded to at the event. Five categories related to the community at large and two categories were devoted to the former fire department building. The Task Force has been focusing primarily on those later two categories. Your responses indicated the following priorities:

​Category: Old Firehouse - Past/Present/Future

​Your Priorities:
- Community Center
- Small Shops
- Senior Center
- Art Center

​Category: Business/Services

​Your Priorities:
- Ice Cream Shop
- Coffee Shop
- Grocery Store
- Municipal Parking

​To facilitate the planning process, in addition to the Task Force discussions, the following outside input has been received:

​• Syracuse University architects Marc Norman and Joe Cisco toured the building and community and offered consultation
• Local resident and architect Jennifer Picciano has volunteered her services for preliminary planning purposes
• Task Force members have met with the Town of DeWitt and New York State representatives regarding obtaining funding (grants)

On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, the Task Force endorsed the following action plan:

​1. The proposal for funding would be divided into two parts.
a. Year 1 - This grant proposal would be for a planning grant which would include: a current conditions assessment, a proposed design for use and the development of preliminary construction documents.
b. Year 2 - This grant proposal would be for the implementation of the construction documents.
2. The plans for year 1 and year 2 will be reviewed by all community organizations for their discussion, input and approval.
3. With community approval, these plans will then be presented to the Jamesville Board of Fire Commissioners.
4. After year 1 plans are completed, these will be presented to the community.

The Jamesville Task Force is pleased with the progress being made and is optimistic about the future use of the former Jamesville Fire Department building.